TASTE PACK - Drip filter coffee taste pack...

TASTE PACK - Drip filter coffee taste pack...

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We joined forces with our friends at Southland Coffee to bring you a fuzz free cup of coffee no matter where you are, particularly useful when you do not have any brewing devices at home or away.

Each Espresso Lab x Southland Drip Filter taste pack contains 16 grams of freshly roasted Espresso Lab coffee in a perfectly packaged, single-serve pourover brewer.

Just add hot water and you’ve got the perfect cup of coffee, wherever your adventures take you.

No preparation, no clean up. Just really, really good coffee.

The following are the coffees in this weeks taste pack; 

2 x El Pantanal, Honduras - washed

2 x Las Lajas, Costa Rica - honey

2 x Suke Quto, Ethiopia - honey

2 x Alemayehu Daniel, Ethiopia - natural

2 x Ndaroini, Kenya - washed