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Espresso Lab Microroasters is a specialty coffee roastery based at The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Our daily quest is to find optimal ways in enjoying coffee, from sourcing small lots of freshly harvested coffee, to finding  optimal roasting profiles that will reflect the terroir and origin of the coffee, showcasing complexity in flavor and a balance between sweetness and acidity.

As coffee growing areas span the globe, from Costa Rica to Indonesia, we wish we could showcase them all, but alas our range is limited to what we consider a fine selection of specialty coffee. 

The coffees we select are from various botanical varieties, processes and topographical areas, affording the curious coffee drinker the opportunity to sample a wide variety of coffees and discover their differences.

The coffees we select go through an arduous journey to get to the roastery. It's after a long process of selecting the coffee, shipping, roasting it and then sampling it, do we offer it for sale. As no two palates are the same, we try not to influence your taste experience, however we try to showcase transparent, clean and complex coffees.

The farmers do the hard work, and we're their humble ambassadors.

Our webshop is currently available, however there may be some delays in the actual shipping of your order due to government restrictions regarding COVID-19. We will do our best to either personally deliver your order or have our courier champions get there before you run out of your most essential item, coffee.

To further assist you we have included some much needed coffee essentials and sundries. You may stock up on some of your favourites to take home with you, or to replenish so that you can keep on brewing. 

Happy shopping.