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Why do ordinary when you can aspire to extraordinary

The journey

As coffee growing areas span the globe, from Costa Rica to Indonesia, we wish we could showcase them all, but alas our range is limited to what we consider a fine selection of specialty coffee. 

The coffees we select are from various botanical varieties, processes and topographical areas, affording the curious coffee drinker the opportunity to sample a wide variety of coffees and discover their differences.

The coffees we select go through an arduous journey to get to the roastery. It's after a long process of selecting the coffee, shipping, roasting it and then sampling it, do we offer it for sale. As no two palates are the same, we try not to influence your taste experience, however we try to showcase transparent, clean and complex coffees.

These are just a few of our much loved producers. 

Come visit

We are all connected

Conscious choices were made through the coffee chain – growing, harvesting, processing, shipping and roasting – directly affecting the flavours in the cup. We showcase coffees from fully traceable farms, estates and cooperatives and look to establish relationships with growers and exporters, always looking at sustainable, fair and equal trade. 

The coffees we source reflects our personality and we're proud to be a part of the specialty coffee community, highlighting the hard work and labour of coffee producers worldwide.