Suke Quto + Trabocca + Fairfood...

If you have been a long time follower of our coffee partnerships, you will be well aware that we have a long standing relationship with our exporter Trabocca and with the farmers from Suke Quto, Ethiopia 

A while back both Trabocca and Tesfaye Bekele, the owner of Suke Quto wanted to trace back and publish a full transparency report, highlighting he extent of the coffee chain and its many complex steps and costs.  

Enter Fairfood, an NGO that strives to make supply chains sustainable for the people that produce our food. They developed an online platform called ‘Trace’ that enables full traceability on a batch of coffee; from the out-growers backyard to the roastery.

For months, data was collected from 278 Suke Quto out-growers. The data collected shows you what goes into the farmer’s pocket. Often such information is not shared and can be scary and confrontational, but necessary if lives of growers are to be improved. Consumers and roasters alike start to understand where and how improvements can be made to better the livelihoods of those at the frontline. 

Making coffee better starts with making supply chains transparent.

By scanning the below QR code or clicking on the below link, you may trace the coffee along all the stages and better understand the complexities of the coffee trade, and what it actually takes to connect a coffee from farmer to roaster.