2017 South African AeroPress Competition...

Over the weekend we were proud hosts of the 2017 South African AeroPress competition.

It was the first time for us to host a national coffee competition and when we were asked from the world organisers to undertake the event, we jumped with two feet, knowing well that it was our way of paying it forward to the South African coffee community and also to a product we have been proudly retailing for the past 8 years.

The event was well attended and our roastery was packed to the rafters. That led to a great atmosphere, well in keeping with the spirit of the AeroPress competitions that are held worldwide.

There were a total of 18 competitors competing, and after a few hours we got to the final, with Khan Chang representing Uncle Bear Coffee Company being the eventual winner.

The following was his winning recipe.

Coffee: Alirio Muñoz, Huila, Colombia

Roaster: Espresso Lab Microroasters

Position: Inverted

Filter: Standard paper

Preparation: Rinsed

Weight: 24 grams

Grinder: Severin

Grind setting: 10 (course)

Weight water: 200 grams

Type: Filtered

Temp: 88 degrees C

Method: Wet coffee grounds with 60ml of water, stir for 10 seconds, then wait a further 30 seconds to allow the coffee to bloom. Continue adding water to 200ml. Attach the filter and invert the AeroPress, pushing the water through within a 50 second period. 

The method used by Khan showcased the coffees sweetness, balance and pronounced acidity. Two of the three judges voted for the winning cup. 

Khan will now compete on behalf of South Africa in the World AeroPress Championship, which will take place in November. 

We were honoured to put on the event and wish Khan the best of luck. 

Some of the 18 competitors getting briefed before the actual competition commenced. 

Blessing representing Espresso Lab Microroasters went through to the semifinals and competed against Khan, the eventual winner. 

The judges of the day were Anne Marie Robertson, well respected chef and winner of SABC Top Chef. Winston Douglas of Origin Coffee Roasting, the 2016 winner of the South African AeroPress competition. The last judge was yours truly, roaster, barista, floor sweeper, delivery guy, etc at Espresso Lab Microroasters. 

The judges going through their motions. The winner was chosen by way of consensus, with three judges selecting the eventual winner. 

The only lady competing was our star Lydia. She had to go against her colleague Blessing in the first round. Pity the only lady representing did not go further in the competition, but we were proud she decided to give it a go.