Suke Quto community school project...

Suke Quto community school project...

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In the coming weeks, we are traveling to Ethiopia and shall be visiting Suke Quto, amongst other farms. Our intention is to not only intimately meet the hard working communities that produce our lovely coffees, but also to pay it forward in someway. 

We are hence raising funds and school related stationary which we shall be taking with us on the trip and delivering them directly to the Suke Quto Community school.

Suke Quto is a progressive and large coffee growing farm where many of the inhabitants of Kumure village work. The livelihoods of many people who work here rely on the coffee production, therefore the future of this wonderful coffee lies with them.

This is why our partner exporter Trabocca has been working together with Suke Quto farm to build a fully equipped school for the children in this community.

The community constructed their own school, but funds were soon exhausted and the building and sanitation was in bad shape. Over 1200 children in the area are in need of education, however, the capacity of the current school building is so small, it has to rotate the 300 children currently attending. They sit on the floor, learning in extremely dusty classrooms during the dry season and very muddy ones during the rainy season. This became the starting point to provide a new school with seats and tables, and a toilet block.

With the future of the children in mind, the aim is to build enough new buildings to accommodate the capacity of all the children in the area.

Important to a project like this is cultural sensitivity and thorough research to ensure that it is carried out in a way which truely benefits the people it is for. This meant the development of a formal project proposal and after an array of challenges, formal approval from the government was issued to build a school for the community.

The first building is now complete and is currently being finalized to open. It is a building with 4 classrooms, which will more than double the current capacity. The second phase is to build a toilet block to provide healthy sanitation facilities.

The vision our partner exporter Trabocca is working towards is that each child can go to school with proper facilities and without rotation. This means it is an ongoing project and will require more funding for continuation.

Should you wish to contribute to the livelihood of these children, and help build on the foundation already created, you may do so via this webpage. Every contribution, however big or small would be appreciated.