Single Estate Coffee - ETHIOPIA, Bekele Fega, Konga, Yirgacheffe

Single Estate Coffee - ETHIOPIA, Bekele Fega, Konga, Yirgacheffe

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Producer: Bekele Fega - single farmer.

Growing altitude: 1800-2200m above sea level.

Botanical variety: Ethiopian heirloom.

Process: Natural.

Tasting notes: Syrup, strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit, candy floss flavours. 

Roast date: 06 November, 2018

There were inititives back in 2011 convincing medium farmers in Yirgacheffe to take a loan and invest in their own processing and drying facilities, hence removing them from the dependency of the large cooperatives. Since then there are a good number of producers trying to invest and develop their own micro lots. There were several farmers investing in and constructing proper micro-mills where they are able to produce washed and natural coffees based on the same quality standards as the most successful cooperatives.

Yirgacheffe is known for its complex, floral and acidity-driven coffees. The farms are located in the most interesting areas in Yirgacheffe, with altitudes up to 2000 meters above sea level. Normally the coffee cherries from the farms and micro regions in this area would be blended at the wet mills with cherries from hundreds of other farmers.

In this case we have the opportunity to buy coffees from specific areas from farmers that are able to pay extra attention to picking, ripeness, processing and drying. The coffees are also dry milled privately and therefore able to follow up and do extensive sorting and grading prior to export.

Previously, Bekele Fega was successful in delivering cherries to the local Cooperatives and private washing stations, but took the opportunity to get support and financing to build his own facility for processing and drying. The coffees are sold directly through an exporter. He is also investing in a warehouse on his property, drying tables, fences and other infrastructure necessary to run his own operation. The workers on the farm are mainly family members and neighbors.

Being able to support small farmers trying to improve their wellbeing and working towards creating quality coffee with their own identity are values that we share as a small business. We are proud to support Bekele Fega and his dedication to be a proud independent farmer.