Single Estate Coffee - COLOMBIA, Buena Vista, Gaitania, Tolima

Single Estate Coffee - COLOMBIA, Buena Vista, Gaitania, Tolima

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Producer: Finca Buena Vista - Astrid Medina. 

Growing altitude: 1850m above sea level.

Botanical variety: Caturra.

Process: Washed.

Tasting notes: Syrup, strawberry, floral, lime, citrus flavours.

Roast date: 10 June, 2019 

Buenavista Farm is in the hamlet of Gaitania, in the very south of Tolima, Colombia. With its high altitudes averaging 1800masl and generous climate, it is perfect coffee growing conditions, hence it's long history of growing coffee.

This is a very remote area, and was for a long time not exactly the safest place to travel through in Colombia. Unfortunately, this region suffered a lot during the conflict with the guerrillas, so the infrastructure is still rather basic, and international coffee buyers didn’t dare to come here for several years. But that’s in the past, and now experiencing big improvements in infrastructure and Southern Tolima is getting a lot of attention.

In 2015 the Cup of Excellence Competition was held in Colombia and Astrid decided to enter, and much to their happiness and surprise her coffee won first place. The competition changed their lives and those of the many growers in the Tolima region. It not only proved that quality coffee is worth the effort, it also served as testament that hard work and dedication bring good things.

Astrid and Raul are very switched on and open-minded, always wanting to improve their product. They are keeping the farm in perfect condition, and constantly experimenting and implementing new ideas to improve the processing.

We are extremely proud to have this coffee available for the second year running, and will continue to support Astrid and her dedication to quality coffee.